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Our community is evolving. The truth is that Latinx people are gay and lesbian, too. This has always been true. Some of us don’t want to avoid this fact, but don’t know how to talk about it in a way that feels respectful.
Let's Talk

It’s time for us to talk about gay and lesbian Latinx community.


of Latinx Catholics believe that being gay is morally acceptable.

This may be difficult to discuss because Latinx people care deeply about family relationships and don’t want to risk “offending” anyone. Others — both gay and non-gay — may feel like they don’t know how to talk about it — what is “ok” to say? What is “not ok”?

Many people are afraid of the reactions of their families or friends if they find out that someone close to them is gay. Young people

Find resources to help end discrimination in our Resources section.

often fear outright rejection from their families and friends. However, avoiding the subject because it makes us uncomfortable weakens Latinx families by weakening our family ties.


Many Latinx people are gay or lesbian — or know gay people. They are our aunts and uncles, our cousins, our nieces and nephews, and our children and grandchildren. They are our neighbors and people with whom we work and go to church. Sometimes, they are friends we care about deeply.

Ignoring this truth can harm our families by creating division, anger, and resentment instead of respect, harmony, and acceptance. This can also isolate Latinx family members from one another, increasing the risk of unhealthy behavior and making it difficult to care for one another.

This web site is designed to help us have these conversations — respectfully. Latinx to Latinx.

Latinx families are stronger when they are together.

Let's Talk About:

Schools should teach respect to prevent bullying.

Trans people shouldn’t be discriminated against based on their gender identity or expression.

No member of anyone’s family should face discrimination.

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