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What is Familia es Familia?

A Public Education Campaign in Partnership With National Hispanic Organizations

Familia es Familia is a first-of-its kind, comprehensive public education campaign aimed at creating strong allies with Hispanic communities across the country. For the first time, this effort is being undertaken with major national Hispanic organizations willing to engage as national partners in advancing equality.

Familia es Famila was founded by Latinx LGBT, civil rights, business, labor, and community leaders. Fifteen of the leading national Hispanic organizations from across a broad constituency spectrum agreed to become founding partners in this campaign. They’ve now been joined by many others.

Recent public opinion research shows that Latinx people — especially Latinx Catholics — strongly favor equal rights for the Latinx LGBT community.

Familia es Familia provides online resources to help partner organizations begin conversations about LGBT issues with their constituencies. The campaign will assist allies in how to become effective frontline advocates and messengers. We will provide assistance to organizations to support them incorporate LGBT issues across all areas of their work. Finally, Familia es Familia will provide public relations support to assist partner organizations to roll out their plans and to deal with potential challenges.

Program Goals

Familia es Familia aims to build support among Latinx communities for acceptance of gay and lesbian family members, eventually leading to support for broader societal and political inclusion. Our experience tells us that the most effective approach is to get the conversation out of the shadows. By sharing recent, in-depth public opinion research, we will embolden Latinx leaders with the evidence that there is greater support than commonly thought. Building off that base of understanding, we will equip leading Hispanic organizations to engage their constituencies through a bilingual, multi-media public education campaign for diverse Latinx communities. Through these activities, the campaign will support the development of national Latinx organizations and leaders into independent advocates and effective messengers.

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